Planning a Vacation to Central America


Planning a vacation to Central America can be daunting. Finding travel deals and pinpointing the best vacation destinations can make it easier.

For anyone planning the perfect getaway, Central America, the bottom part of North America is filled with cultural and natural attractions that vary greatly. Finding travel deals and ways to save on travel can make the process easier, but there is still so much to choose from. Following is some advice on planning a vacation to Central America.

Planning a Vacation to Central America: Find the Best Travel Destinations

Central America, made up of the seven countries between Mexico and Colombia, has countless opportunities for travel, and unlimited destinations that are perfect for people with varying interests. Finding the most appealing region for the ultimate getaway should be the first step in planning the trip.
Caribbean Vacation Planning in Central America

First, consider whether or not coastal attractions are appealing. For those who prefer the Caribbean, Belize Guatemala, and Honduras have beautiful coastlines, and wonderful cayes and small islands in the sea, which can make for perfect beach vacations year round. For people who like hanging out on the beach, snorkeling, diving, or inshore (and offshore, via charter boat) fishing, the eastern coast of Central America is wonderful.

Pacific Vacations in Central America

The Pacific is also beautiful, but totally different. From Guatemala to Panama, its beaches and coastal areas are hilly and mountainous, and though many breathtaking white sand beaches adorn the coastal areas, the water is generally deeper, and waves tend to be stronger, making Pacific travel destinations in Central America ideal for surfers, swimmers, and offshore fishermen.

Cultural and Natural Attraction Travel in Central America

The bottom seven countries of North America offer excellent opportunities for visitors to immerse themselves in culture and wonderful nature. Picking the perfect travel destination can mean looking into the various attractions and activities in each country.

For great cultural immersion, consider Northern Central America. Mayan ruins and small villages still inhabited by direct descendants of the citizens of the ancient empire dot much of Guatemala and Belize.

Various natural attractions are found throughout the region. Coastal areas in all countries have great sightseeing and hiking, though some of the rainforest and cloud forest habitats of Southern Central America (Costa Rica and Panama) have biodiversity that is seldom bested.

Finding Travel Deals and Picking the Best Time of Year

Finding travel deals can be an important step in planning the perfect vacation for anyone on a budget. All inclusive resorts, more prevalent in coastal areas, and lodges that specialize in certain activities (fishing, birdwatching, SCUBA diving, family tourism) often offer travel package prices that are unbeatable.

Adjusting the time of year for the vacation can also be one way to find travel deals. Although getaways in late fall, winter, and early spring can be more meaningful, during the warmer months, discounts are offered almost universally throughout Central America, because tourism slows as weather is nice at home for most of the people who do the traveling. Consider any available vacation deals at the right place and time, and with the right traveling purpose.

In planning a vacation to Central America, look at all of these suggestions. Based on intended activities and appealing attractions, select the right location and time of year, and look into finding travel deals that may be available.