Also Known As: Noemacheilus Botia

Species / Type: Community [General]
Care Difficulty: Easy
Length: 4 in (10 cm)
Tank Size: 20 g (76 L)
Region: India
Tank Environment: Sandy
Food: [Omnivorous] Flake, Wafers, Pellets, Live and Frozen.
Temp: 72-82f (22-28c)
Breeding: Extremely Difficult
PH: 6.6-7.8

General Information:
Very little is known about Zipper Loaches, but they are a rather common fish.

I'm assuming that Zipper Loaches got their names from their unique markings along them. It's very similar to a zipper pattern. Though, as they grow, that pattern will "stretch out", and look a little different. Their bodies are very long, and slender, making them a beautiful loach.

Zipper loaches, like many other loaches, are nocturnal, but if kept in good conditions, and they feel safe, they will hang out all day.

In the wild, they are mainly found in India and Pakistan, though they are found in other countries in Asia. They will usually stick to themselves. They are found in rocky/sandy areas, they also can be found in partly planted areas, but they prefer sandy the most. They are usually digging in the sand and hiding.

Care Information:
Zipper Loaches are easy to care for.

They are best kept in a 20 gallon aquarium or larger, with a sandy substrate. Though sand is not needed, gravel is fine, just as long as they have rocks and/or plants to hide among. Ph should be around the neutral area.

Feeding is easy, being that they're nocturnal; just drop a wafer in the aquarium just before lights out. They will usually come out in the evening to catch a few flakes too.

Zipper Loaches are best kept singly, though many people have had success with them in larger groups (4-6), fighting may occur.

Breeding Information:
Breeding has been done successfully. However, it will usually happen on accident. There is no information on breeding Zipper Loaches.