Second Marriage – Should I Wear a Colored or White Wedding Dress?

Dark Red Wedding Dress

Had a big wedding for a first marriage? Women can’t help but fantasize about wedding dresses and how they’ll look in them. It must be the girl gene.

Nothing is more fun for some women than looking at bridal magazines and fantasizing about one’s big day, or one’s second big day, or one’s third big day. And, all those cheeky, brazenly colored wedding dresses that they’re wearing in Europe; what about those?

Second Wedding Dresses

Is it acceptable to wear a white dress as a second wedding gown? Well, it depends upon how persnickety one’s friends are. Most people are so happy to see one of their girlfriends celebrate the beginning of a new life with her new man, that they don’t notice what the bride is wearing unless it’s black.

However, here are the formal rules, just in case a girl has:

  • A wealthy relative who is quite generous, but formal and old fashioned.
  • A large family of women who might spread malicious gossip all around her small town.
  • A contingent of cousins who will be shocked if a woman wears white after living with her fiancé for 5 years and having 3 children.
  • A group of paparazzi outside her house.

Proper Etiquette for Second Wedding Dresses

Most second time brides live in a world where wearing white or some other almost pristine-white color is quite acceptable. In that world, guests are overjoyed to see the beautiful bride (in any color) because they know that soon they’ll be through with the wedding ceremony, and off to party and to boogie-on-down with the bride and groom.

If proper etiquette is high on the list (though in the wealthier classes no one really cares because they are above the rules), here are the oh-so-correct ways to play the second marriage game.

A divorced or widowed woman should/could wear:

  • A pastel suit
  • A long pastel second wedding dress (floor length or shorter, no train or short train)
  • A white, off-white or cream colored short wedding dress
  • An ecru, champagne, or light colored dress
  • Pearl earrings and/or necklace
  • A wedding hat, but never a tiara or a veil of any kind

Second wedding gowns should be elegant and, unlike a Cinderella-style ball gown, demure, understated, and tasteful.

Colored Wedding Gowns

Actual wedding gowns in bridal shops (online and on-street), now come in every color. Many modern first time (second time, third time) brides are wearing:

  • Red Wedding Dresses
  • Orange Wedding Dresses
  • Pink Wedding Dresses
  • Yellow Wedding Dresses
  • Purple Wedding Dresses
  • Green Wedding Dresses
  • Blue Wedding Dresses

So any woman (first time bride or not) can choose to wear something quite trendy, as well as flattering to her complexion.

Meaning of Colors

All colors have a special symbolism in different cultures and from different times. Maybe a second time bride should take that into consideration if wavering between two great dresses.

  • Green was once a proper bridal color, as it symbolized fertility in pagan Celtic cultures. Later it was banned in some Christian weddings, though a famous 15th century wedding portrait, by Flemish painter Jan van Eyck, shows green to have been a proper choice for brides at that time.
  • Red has been proven to increase one’s heartbeat, and men are attracted to women in red. In Hindi and Buddhist cultures, red is a symbol of luck.
  • Pink roses represent grace, elegance, and admiration. And, every woman knows some shade of pink that will flatter her complexion.
  • Blue signifies constancy, as in “true blue”.

Anything that the bride loves for her second wedding dress fantasy is perfect for almost any wedding. It’s her party and she gets to wear something beautiful.


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