Effortless Ways to Lose Weight for Free


No matter what time of year it is there always a reason to look your best and part of looking fabulous is maintaining a healthy weight. It seems we’ve tried all the gimmicks and fad diets and well..we’re sick of it. We’re sick of spending hard earned cash on diets that don’t work, expensive exercise machines and fads that make us so hungry we fantasise more about a sandwich than a man. So what are some guaranteed ways to get in shape for that won’t take up all our time or money?

Take the Stairs

Yes, you’ve heard it before because it’s true. What you may not have considered though is that this advice is about more than just boycotting the lift at work each day. It’s about a new outlook on life. It’s so easy to take the direct route to the photocopy machine or to the coffee shop on the corner but it is costing you in calories.

By taking the extra minute walk around the office or down a side street to get your latte you’re making barely any effort but making a big difference to your waistline. Adding a total of 15 minutes walking to your work day sheds the equivalent of a Cadbury milk chocolate Freddo Frog.

Make Exercise Incidental

No time to go to the gym? We hear you. How about walking to the corner store to pick up the milk though? By the time you get in the car, drive there and find a park we bet it won’t cost you too many minutes at all. Racing yourself to get the housework done is also handily motivating. Set yourself a goal and time yourself. Try and ‘beat’ yourself each time you do a chore. Half an hour of housework will work off the equivalent of double coated Tim Tam.

Get some Raw Energy

Save some money and take your morning tea snacks with you to work. Make sure you pack a raw snack every day. When fruit and vegetables are raw they are the most nutritious and contain the least fat. Ie: Fresh chopped onion is better for you than caramelised onion. Things like a salad with tuna are cheap and easy to prepare the night before. Celery, carrot and cucumber sticks are a lot more interesting when you dip them in some low fat dip. Added bonus, your face will thank you because all those vitamins are sure to brighten your complexion.

Don’t skip meals -Shake it

Skipping meals might seem like a great way to forgo fat and lessen the calories you consume in a day but the reality is that it slows your metabolism and makes it harder for your body to digest food the next time you eat.

If you absolutely cannot find time to eat a balanced meal then try stocking up on some meal replacement shakes such as Musashi Meal Replacement. The shakes only require you to add water and are ready in 10 seconds. Not only are they virtually fat free, they are high in protein for energy and low in carbohydrate for the carb-conscious. While it is not a good idea to rely solely on shakes for your nutrition they can be a handy way to have a balanced meal on the go and are cheaper (per serve) and healthier than snack food.

Go Green

It is amazing how many eco-friendly ways are also waist-line friendly. Preserve the ozone layer by leaving the car at home and walk to the bus stop. Make dinner from scratch with fresh vegetables instead of opening a microwave dinner that is loaded with salt and laden with plastic packaging. Stop buying juice and make your own. You can save the environment and shed unwanted kilos at the same time.

Take the light option

When given a choice try to always pick the healthiest option. Buy low fat milk, sour cream and other dairy delights. Add some naturally derived sweetener to your coffee instead of tipping in the sugar. By resisting the urge to add 1 sugar to 1 coffee every day for a week you will have done the equivalent for your waistline as walking for an hour – all in a few seconds and from your seat.

Looking great and being healthy is not rocket science but is about constant choice. By making a few smart choices and small changes to your routine you can be looking your best with minimal effort and more cash in your wallet. Let’s see those bus tickets ladies!