Guide to traditional French desserts and pastries


If you like to travel for pleasure, very likely the subject of savoring the local cuisine of a foreign country plays a major role in your travel plans. Should you particulary decide to travel to France, you may want to get acquainted with the many French desserts and pastries. Because when it comes to desserts and pastries, France indeed has a lot to offer. This culinary travel guide will surely cater to your sweet tooth while ensuring you will not miss the top desserts when vising a French “Patisserie”.


You may as well start off your culinary tour by savoring a fragrant and flaky Crossaint for breakfast. Often served with a lukewarm coffee with a touch of cream, a Croissant makes a great way to start your day with gusto. For those not familiar with Croissants, they are crescent shaped pastries made of flaky dough. The French savor them warm for breakfast dipping them in their coffees.


If you love puff pastry you do not want to miss flavoring an Eclair. Eclairs are elongated cream puffs (better known as Pate A Choux) covered into dark chocolate and filled with a heavenly yellow custard cream. These can be found at any Patissserie. They are easily recognized among other pastries because they are very eye appealing.

Petite Fours

This pastry translated means: small oven. Petite fours are small bite sized cakes often served at the end of a meal. They come in different sizes and are generally covered in pastel colored fondant adorned with small embellishments such as flowers. They are very eye appealing desserts found in different shapes that can be found in almost all patisseries.

Creme Brulee’

The term in reality means burnt cream, however do not be fooled by such term. This rich vanilla flavored custard is far from tasting burnt, rather its top is a hard, caramelized caramel that mingles greatly with the cream. This desserts is usually served in a ramekin with a spoon. The hard, caramelized top must be typically cracked in order to reach the decadent cream.


Madeleines are small delicate bite size cakes that come is a very special form. It takes a special moulded pan to give them their typical shell shape. The cake is similar to a pound cake but with a lemon buttery flavor. You may find this already in packages in grocery stores or fresh from bakeries.

Tarte Tartin

This is an upside down apple tart with apples caramelized in butter and sugar. It was invented by mistake in 1898 by Stphanie Tatin at the Hotel Tatin. Tired from working one day, she overcooked some apples in sugar and butter when preparing an apple pie. She therefore, decided to save the apples by baking them upside down with the batter on top. She served it regardless and the guests really loved it.

Mont Blanc

Not many people are aware of this delicacy, that resembles the Mont Blanc mountain range capped with snow. The dessert is made from a decadent puree of chestnuts covered with whipped cream. It is served with a spoon. Truly worth a try!


These resemble pancakes but are very thin. They are served as a dessert in layers or rolled up with whipped cream and strawberries or chocolate sauce. They can be tasted in a creperie or cafe’. When served with orange peel and Gran Marnier they are called crepe suzettes.

As seen, when it comes to desserts and pastries France surely has a lot to offer. Simply visit a local patisserie or sit down at a cafe’ and you will be offered indulgent pastries and desserts that will surely make your trip a tasty one your taste buds will never forget. Viva la France!