Feng Shui Made Easy

Feng Shui Made Easy

Combine three basic principles of feng shui, a healthy heaping of elbow grease, and your own personal taste to transform your living space in one weekend.

Residents of high-priced, high-density urban areas understand the importance of finding ways to maximize use of small living spaces. The less square footage you have, the more essential it is to stay organized. Applying three simple Feng Shui principles to your apartment can help create an entirely new feel to your living space. Best of all, you can transform your flat in one weekend!

Clutter Be Gone

According to the book Feng Shui Your Life by Jayme Barrett, “Clearing clutter is a logical step to accomplish your goals. Keeping your home and workplace clean and organized promotes happiness, efficiency, and peace of mind.”

Corners, countertops, and shelves should be purged, dusted, and reorganized. Remember to think carefully about the objects and photographs you most enjoy seeing. Then reassemble those things on your countertops, mantlepieces, and shelves while repeating the mantra “minimalism.” Overstocking open space will lead you straight back to clutter.

Closets, cabinets, and drawers with neatly folded items and clothes that are coordinated by color, season, or category are both time-saving and better-looking.

Close the Door on Lost Love

Barrett explains that “Feng Shui is based on the idea that everything is energy, therefore ‘energetic’… and that every object in your life has a memory association, as well as an energy attachment that consciously or unconsciously affects you.”

Herein lies the real reason it is important to undertake one difficult, yet essential, task: Get rid of photographs, gifts, and objects associated with painful break-ups or “The One That Wasn’t.” Build a bonfire, give to Goodwill, or toss stuff in the trash; just do it and move forward emotionally and personally, toward your more optimistic, romantic future.

The Eyes Have It

Put pleasing images and expressions in your line of sight.

Building a collection of original artwork in your price range is one of the most enjoyable personal investments you can make. If you enjoy travel, both antique and modern maps make for excellent reference, conversation, and inspiration. Whether you prefer Van Gogh reprints or posters of Jimi Hendrix wailing on the guitar, inexpensive frames polish the look of an interior and eliminate that college crash-pad feel.

It might sound silly, but peppy phrases placed on refrigerators, bathroom mirrors, and work areas remind you to think positive. Collaborate on these little inspirations, if you have a roommate or spouse. Place on decorative backgrounds and change out seasonally for a fresh perspective.

A Job Well Done

While you might have had more fun going out with the your friends this weekend, the improved energy of your living space will prove to be its own reward. Now kick back and enjoy your re”new”ed apartment in the manner that most suits your taste.


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