Feng Shui Cure


A basic Feng Shui cure is to remove or soften the edges of a poison arrow. Poison arrows are created by sharp angular lines directed towards you. Corners of tables, straight roads, and sharp edges of buildings directed towards the home are all examples of poison arrows.

The Feng Shui principle of poison arrows is they are Shar Chi known as Killing Breath. The killing breath does just that, it destroys the chi in its path and is detrimental to the residents of the home.

The shar chi from the poison arrows need to be blocked, diffused or removed.

Most cures are inexpensive but at times, Feng Shui consultants have suggested the clients move. Homes that are built on a t-junction or in the middle of a cul-de-sac are difficult to implement cures.

In my neighborhood, the home at the t-junction has been occupied by 5 families in four years. Each day and night they are infiltrated with the beams of the cars making a right or left turn on to the street.

Poison Arrow Cures

Place a plant over a corner to soften or cover the edge.

A sharp edge of a bookshelf faces your workstation. Place a trailing plant on the top of the book edge for it to cover the harsh edge.

Move the poison arrow

You have a straight pathway to your front door. Reshape the path to be curved or strategically place plants along the pathway to make it appear curved. As you walk on the path your eyes should wander at the landscape and not directly focus upon the front door.

Crystal in a window

The sharpness of a rooftop enters the center of your living room. Place a crystal in the window to disperse the negative energy. Buy a crystal the size of a golf ball.

Cover the windows.

Your back window faces a hydro tower, place a crystal in the window and stain glass or cover the windows with blinds to let the sunshine in but keeps view of the obtrusive tower out.

Choose Round Furniture

Oval and Round Tables are most auspicious. Rectangular shapes causes poison arrows and needs to placed correctly not to upset anyone in the home.Put rounded safety edges on the table to round the table. This round edge will remove the poison arrow.

Poison arrows may be very secretive in the home. The sharp edge of the neighbor’s roof is hard to detect. If you are feeling uncomfortable in your chair, observe the inside and outside surroundings. A killing breath may also be created by bars, graveyards, unkempt homes and neighborhoods.


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