Feng Shui Consultation


Hiring a Feng Shui Consultant can be a daunting task. There is a multitude of Feng Shui Schools who practice very different principles. Some consultants practice traditional Chinese Feng Shui while others focus on the western guide of Feng Shui.

Before you hire a Feng Shui Consultant, one must ask if they desire a Feng Shui master with more rigid principles or a consultant with more relaxed guidelines. Prior to hiring a consultant, ask these important questions that are aligned with your values and beliefs about this ancient art of placement.

What type of Feng Shui do you practice?

You should hire a Consultant that speaks to your school of thought. You should stick to one theory and not have a variety of Consultants otherwise it can lead to confusion and frustration. Many of the schools contradict each other.

What is your style of Feng Shui? (Modern, old school, combination)

Are you looking for someone with new ideas or would you prefer the ancient ways? Feng Shui works in all schools because it deals with the movement of chi and intention. Pick a Feng Shui Consultant that will transform your home for your lifestyle.

Where did you get your training?

There are many places to get your training. Does the Consultant sound like he is talking from a textbook or do they have an understanding of the practice outside of the book? I year versus a 5 year course may mean little if the student does not truly understand the concept.

How long have you been practicing Feng Shui?

1 year or 20 years will give you a different type of Consultant. The new Consultant will be full of fresh and creative ideas, while the Veteran may consult on past experiences. Both Consultants will be an asset, trust your intuition.

May I see the comments and observations from other clients?

Does the Consultant have a book of previous clients outlining the cures and what has happened since the consultation? Feng Shui is all about intent. A consult may have been done correctly but unless the client uses the cures, the energy will flow better for the moment but will become stuck and stagnant again. The Consultant will guide the flow but the client must keep the debris from entering the flow.

What is the total cost of a Feng Shui Consult?

Are there any hidden fees or do you need to book more than one consultation. Is there a cost for calling the consultant for clarification of the cures. This should be discussed before the consultant.

Is the Consultant able to feel chi?

Chi is invisible energy, which is the focus in Feng Shui. This ancient art realigns chi to bring harmony and balance to an environment. Chi is felt through practice. We all have the ability and some of us can feel it faster than others. It is an important skill for the Consultant. See if they have taken other classes to tune into this skill.

What is my involvement in the process?

Do you want to be involved or would you like the Consultant to do the cures as well. That is all about your preference.

Do you give multiple suggestions for cures based on budget, lifestyle and preference?

Is the Consultant willing to meet your needs without you feeling inferior. You want the control, the Consultant should guide but not act in a dictatorship.

If all else fails consult the I Ching. The I Ching is an ancient Chinese art of divination.


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