Voodoo Jewelry


Planning a trip to New Orleans this Halloween? Check out the voodoo jewelry sold at the many fabulous specialty boutiques in the French Quarter.

October is a hugh occult month. If your vacation plans include a trip to New Orleans for Halloween or one of the other related activities it is worth your time to browse the numerous shops in the French Quarter or Royal Street to view some of the interesting voodoo jewelry.

A hugely popular shop in the French Quarter is Erzulie’s Authentic Voodoo. Anna Parmelee, The Root Queen, is the owner of Erzulie’s and should you stop by her shop she will be nice enough to take time from her busy day to explain the origin and purpose of the voodoo jewelry sold in her store.

Erzulie’s sells spiritual voodoo jewelry that is handcrafted from gemstones and metal beads, the purpose of which is to invoke a specific diety or lwa. The spacing and bead count is quite precise for each desired effect or purpose. Madrina, a Santera priestess, and Palera Angelique, a Palo priestess, handcraft, ritualize and consecrate every piece of voodoo jewelry that is sold at Erzulie’s.

For example, Erzulie Freda, the namesake of the shop, is the Lwa of Love. The Erzulie Freda necklace is handcrafted from rose quartz and blue agate gemstone beads. Pink and blue are the colors of this beautiful and seductive lwa. Traditionally rose quartz is regarded as a feminine gemstone that brings love and tenderness. Agate is a gemstone that is generally used in spells and magical rituals.

Both are beautiful, semi-precious gemstones. I have purchased pieces of rose quartz that have been both opaque and translucent depending on how the particular gemstone was cut.

Sometimes rose quartz is heated or irradiated to intensify it’s color. This is not a deceptive practice as long as the gemstone has been identified as being treated – for example – with a (h) to indicate that the gemstone has been heated. Blue Agate is normally an opaque gemstone.