Using Hair Weaves and Adding Extensions to Hair


Human or synthetic hair woven into natural hair adds length, volume, and color. Planning and skill are required to implement the desired effect and create new hairstyles.

All races and sexes can use hair extensions. Synthetic or human hair can be added to established hair by weaving, braiding, clipping, or gluing the pieces to the existing hair.

Calculate costs to include the initial price of the hair and the salon procedure as well as the routine bimonthly salon upkeep. Adding special care products to the total cost makes this a substantial financial undertaking. Good quality hair can last years. Cheaper hair needs replacement so eventually may cost more over time.

Types of Hair Extensions to Add for Hairstyles

Hair can be collected together into a weft and applied in one piece attached to the crown or site that requires the hair. Price depends on whether custom made or factory produced. Pre-made assortment is varied in color and texture. Although not as durable as custom-made, the wefts cost considerably less and can be quite attractive.

Temporary hair strand groups of 30 or so hairs can be applied throughout the hair as needed. These are either human or synthetic hairs. Applied with heat, glue, or clamps they need reapplication every few months.

The hair extensions will be placed from the crown to slightly below ear level on the scalp. There are several methods to do this.

Weaving, Hair Weaves, Benefits and Disadvantages

The method familiar to most is attachment via cornrow braids of hair. The hair attachment is then woven and blended into the scalp hair.


  • Traditional method of hair extension
  • Lasts approximately 2 months
  • No damaging chemicals or heat in application
  • Proper tension can stimulate hair growth


  • If too heavy or woven into too tightly pulled braided hair, hair can be pulled from its roots and fall out.
  • Headaches from weight and pull
  • Since the hair is not on the scalp it does not receive natural moisturizing. Frequent application of oil required preventing scalp dryness or breakage.

Glue the Extensions for Special Hair Effects

The extensions are attached to the scalp between divided sections of hair by special glue.


  • Original hair is simply divided in sections where attachments are needed.
  • Hair appears to be growing from scalp.


  • The bonded weave loosens by itself within 2 months
  • Allergy testing suggested for glue reactions prior to application
  • The removal process risks removing some original hair if not extremely careful.

Waxing to Fuse the Weave is a Hair Technique

Similarly to glue application, the hair is divided into sections and hot wax is substituted as the binder.


  • Lasts up to three months
  • Hair appears to be growing from scalp


  • More expensive than gluing
  • Scalp may react to the hot wax
  • Risk of coating other hair with wax.

Clip on Extensions can Create Longer Fuller Hair

These are a good do it yourself beginning hair extension kit. Done properly they are undetected and wont damage hair. They may need to be removed for styling and swimming. They can also be professionally applied for special occasions.

Celebrities Who Have Hair Extensions

  • Paris Hilton
  • Tyra Banks
  • Jessica Simpson
  • Beyonce
  • Mariah Carey
  • Janet Jackson

Numerous stars use extensions. Male celebrities aren’t as forthcoming with their weaves and extensions. Nonetheless, they are used in men and women.