How To Make Your Hair Grow Faster


Wanting to grow your hair and actually achieving it can sometimes be a very different story. These tips will help you attain long, strong and healthy hair.

Who hasn’t looked at Miley Cyrus and thought ‘I want her hair’? Growing your hair can be a long and frustrating battle and many people get the mid-growth blues and end up chopping off all of their hard work. Follow these simple steps and you too can have luscious long hair quicker than you ever imagined.

Visit your hairdresser regularly

This may seem counterproductive yet is vital to healthy and fast growing hair. Split ends causes damage further up the hair strand than just the end, this damage causes the hair to break meaning that whilst your hair is growing it’s breaking causing your hair growth to appear stunted. It is a well known statistic that you should get your hair cut ever 6-8 weeks. In this time your hair will on average grow 1 inch. Ask your hairdresser to trim the bottom of your hair so that you don’t end up with your hair back to the same pre-growth length.

Minimise heat styling products

Blow dryers, hair straighteners and curling irons all contribute heavily to hair damage. The temperatures generated by these products and delivered straight to your hair are between 80-200oC (175-390oF) which weakens your hair and causes breakages and split ends. If you feel that you must use these products invest in a good pre-heat styling product, whilst this won’t eliminate the damage to your hair it will reduce the amount that your hair suffers.

Avoid colours and bleaches

Coating your hair with a chemical colour, or stripping the natural colour completely causes massive damage to your hair. It is very difficult to grow your hair if you are using these as the damage is irreparable and you will have much more breakage than if you go without. I am naturally a dark brunette and unfortunately bleached my hair to white causing my hair to literally fall out in clumps. Words to the wise, avoid these products and you are already halfway to longer and healthier hair.

Treat yourself to a head massage

The stimulation causes better circulation to your scalp which increases hair growth potential. Nutrients are able to reach the hair follicle meaning that it becomes stronger and there are more nutrients to produce hair growth. A scalp massage also reduces stress which is a well known hair growth retardant. To optimise the benefits of a scalp massage use an oil treatment which conditions the scalp and nourishes hair causing less breakage and a healthier looking shine.

Eat hair-friendly foods

Omega 3 is essential to healthy hair as well as Vitamins A, B, C, and E. Iron and Zinc also increase hair growth. This doesn’t mean that you have to eat only fish and rabbit food, you can try an Omega 3 as well as a Hair and Nail Growth supplement. These contain all of the essential Vitamins which encourage hair health and growth and as an added bonus clear skin by increasing skin rejuvenation.

Cut back on growth retardants

Alcohol, nicotine, and excessive caffeine contribute to your hair growth slowing by decreasing the amount of Zinc your body contains. A cup of coffee a day actually helps to stimulate the hair follicle whereas when you overindulge it can lead to dehydration and depletion of essential Vitamins required for hair growth.

Stress is also a trigger for hair growth retardation, the hair follicle stops growing and you prematurely lose that hair. The saying “pull your hair out” that is associated with stress is true, when you are stressed you have more hair that is shedding, therefore just by running your hand through your hair you are pulling out more strands than is normal. Try to limit your stress levels by exercising regularly and pre-empting possible stressful situations.

By following these steps your hair growth will naturally increase, however you cannot expect your hair to grow 10 inches in 10 weeks as that is an unrealistic goal. These tips will help your hair to become stronger and healthier meaning that you will have less hair loss and breakage. If you are after an instant fix you can try hair extensions and pieces, however be careful with your choice as these can cause more damage to your natural hair in the long run.