How to Have Gorgeous Hair and Fight Damage


There is a damaged hair treatment that can repair dry, damaged hair and help to fight future damage.

Hair becomes damaged by blow dryers, hair straighteners, processed hair, and the environment. Fortunately, there are easy ways to help restore hair to its natural beauty.

Damaged Hair Treatment

A damaged hair treatment plan is key to repairing the stress of one’s hair. Having a treatment plan helps keep damage at bay. Part of one’s plan should include using the right shampoo and deep conditioners. It is also important to follow strategies which prevent damaged hair.

Shampoo That Works

When working with damaged hair it is crucial to use a shampoo for one’s hair type. Damaged hair, however, tends to improve with shampoo which contains enriching protein and vitamins. There are special shampoos on the market, but it isn’t necessary to spend a lot of money. Many mainstream shampoo brands contain protein which helps strengthen hair and protect it from damage.

Deep Conditioners

The best way to help strengthen and soften damaged hair is to deep condition hair at least once a week. Brands like Aussie and Garnier Fructis make excellent deep conditioners that have received high ratings on the market. Deep conditioning softens hair and makes it much more manageable. Be sure to leave in the conditioner for the recommended time—often it is two or three minutes—so that the conditioner is better able to penetrate the hair strands.

Hair Care Tips

It takes time and patience to renew and rejuvenate hair after it has been damaged. There are some hair care tips that can aid in repairing some of the strain one’s hair has gone through.

Wash hair in lukewarm water only and do a quick rinse in cold water. Rinsing hair briefly in cold water closes the hair cuticle and gives hair an added shine. Be careful not to wash hair in hot water as this can over-dry hair.

Try not to brush hair if it’s wet, but if one must, use a wide tooth comb. If hair tangles easily and brushing is a hassle, try using detangler spray. It prevents damage from brushing out tangles. It’s best to let hair dry by itself and by towel drying. Try not to use a blow dryer or any hair straighteners unless absolutely necessary as these do cause significant damage to hair.

Protect dyed hair by deep conditioning and using shampoos specifically meant to prolong the life of dyed hair. Try not to use permanent hair color as this is much more damaging as the kind that lasts for a month.