Dreadlock Accessories


Dreadlock accessories can be used to help manage and style locks, or to adorn locks to express one’s personal fashion and style.

Many lock technicians/beauticians insist on using one’s locks as a means of holding or tying the hair back. Although this works for many, additional support may be needed when it comes to longer or thicker locks. Additionally, like others, dread wearers also enjoy hair accessories just for the purpose of accenting or adding to their overall fashion and style. Nonetheless, many hair accessories can be damaging to locks. One example is that of headbands with interior combs, hair pins, rubber bands, clips and claws.

With some extra thought and creativity, one can find some unique, fashionable and safe hair accessories for dreads. Following is a list of items to consider.

Creating Dreadlock Buns and Pony Tails Using Qwik Bun, EZ Bun or Similar Products

Surprisingly, the Qwik Bun product works wonderfully on dreadlocks. This accessory can be used to create buns, French rolls and both high and low pony tails. The Qwik Bun is made of a sturdy cloth like material. Inside the material however are wires used to shape and hold the hair in place. To use the product, locks need to be at least shoulder length. Those with thicker and longer locks will probably find it impossible to get all of the hair into a bun; however, half of the hair can be put into a bun, or locks double bunned. These hair holders come in an assortment of colors including many shades of brown (perfect for those with brown hair), black, gray and other colors like pink, red, blue and green.

Ethnic Adornments for Dreadlocks

Many wear locks to celebrate their heritage. Hair accessories can be another form of expressing that ethnic pride. Some common ethnic dreadlock adornments include shells, beads and tams. Various new accessories inspired by both Africa and Native Americans are also good choices. These include items such as lock slings, hanging hair jewels or peyote stitches (tubular sleeves made by weaving beads together).

Create Your Own Dreadlock Accessories

Most dread wearers are creative people. Consequently, one can be innovative in finding dreadlock accessories. For example, one can adorn locks with items easily found in everyone’s closet. Consider pulling locks back using cloth/roped belts (make sure these are not made of material that will pull or loosen locks) or neck/fashion scarves. Wrap pony tail holders with bracelets or necklaces for an added touch.

Berets, Tams, Kerchiefs and Headwraps for Dreadlocks

No matter the season, hats or other headgear make great accessories for locks. Experiment with different hats and headcoverings such as berets and kerchiefs. More stylish kerchiefs or wraps can easily be made via knitting, crocheting or sewing. Try making headgear using luxurious materials like suede cloth. Adorn headgear with different jewels for even more pizazz.

Hair accessories can help in creating a variety of styles for dreadlocks. One can make a tremendous fashion statement with any of these accessories.