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Fun Fishing with Kids: Take Your Children Fishing

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Taking children fishing can be fun, but also challenging. Remembering a few key steps can help make your fishing experience with children a success.

Getting Started

Fishing with children can be one of the most rewarding experiences that an adult can enjoy, it can also be one of the biggest challenges that an adult can experience. When taking children fishing there are some important steps to remember and some important things to understand.

The Basics

First of all most children will simply be excited to get outdoors and may be a lot less concerned with catching a fish than simply having a fun time. As parents we may sometimes lose sight of this simple truth and instead become fixated on the absolute need to catch a fish at all costs. The picture of a father standing out in a torrential downpour with howling winds and crashing thunder next to a crying child comes to mind, therefore step one is to make reasonable goals for your first child-based fishing excursions. Explain to the child or children what the expected outcomes are and take the opportunity to talk about enjoying the outdoors as much as the actual act of fishing.

Practice makes Perfect

Secondly it is also important to understand and recognize that children are still developing their fine motor skills and the act of fishing usually involves the use of at least some fine motor skills, so practice is imperative. The act of practicing for an upcoming fishing trip can also be made fun. Back yard casting sessions and knot tying lessons are just a couple of ways that an adult can help prepare a young fishing enthusiast before the actual big trip.

Make it a Safe Trip

In addition to practice and skills preparation, safety is also of major importance. No act or event will sour a young fisherman faster than a near death experience such as falling in the river or getting hooked with a barbed hook. Regardless of the type of fishing make sure that the child or children have the proper equipment for the occasion including a properly sized life jacket, sun glasses, rain jacket, or other essential items. Additionally if your fishing adventures often take you into remote areas or miles off shore make sure that you are watching the weather forecast and avoid taking the kids out on a day when the forecast looks more like a hurricane warning than a sunny picnic day.

Get out there and Fish

Finally the number one rule with teaching anyone to do something as fun and exciting as fishing is to remember the golden rule and treat others as you would like to be treated. Children are especially sensitive to angry words and grumpy adults who have lost sight of the simple joys of being outdoors and fishing with a friend.