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Beware of crumbed food!

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Last night was my Dad's 60th birthday, well it was actually the 9th but we celebrated last night on the 10th, it was a good turn out, plenty of family and friends, everyone had a good time and it didn't turn out to be a late night either.

We went to an Italian Restaurant in the city, one of Dad's favourites, so I live in South Australia and our capital is Adelaide, the restaurant is called Ciao Ristorante, translated into English from Italian it means Hello/Goodbye Restaurant, I have never understood the name but the food is great!

I remember going there many years ago before I became a vego, I used to enjoy their pasta dishes, especially the ones with chicken, I loved their pizzas and special chicken dish which was not on the menu, it was something I had to ask for.

It was a fillet of chicken filled with camembert cheese and avacado, this was seared in the pan, them served with rice and chips and covered with a creamy Hot English mustard sauce.

Well last night that wasn't on the menu (obviously) so my Dad had arranged this menu with the chef a few weeks prior and made sure there would be some vegetarian options for us vegos - me and my wife.

There was calamari, fresh prawns (remember I don't eat meat or chicken) fish served with smoked salmon and capers, vegetarian pasta and pizza. There was also some special vegetarian pastries for us to enjoy too. It wasn't too bad, the pasta was a bit bland though.

I also noted on the self serve table some plates of what looked like it could be crumbed fried fish. I quizzed some of the waiting staff to see if it was infact fish hidden underneath the layer of breadcrumbs. I was told by 2 staff that it was infact fish... I was a little doubtful and I should have trusted my instincts, I took a bite and chewed some... It didnt taste like fish, I looked at the texture of the meat which was now exposed out of its secretive casing...

Sure enough it was chicken, I spat it out and gave my left over portion to my Dad. He enjoyed it...

So there you have it Beware of the Mystery that lies within crumbed fried foods and watch out for waiting staff who clearly don't know what's on the menu.