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Seuthopolis, the underwater city, being unearthed

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The city of Seuthopolis was found in 1948, at the bottom of a lake in Bulgaria...

The city had existed since 320 BC, originally the capital of the Odrysian kingdom , a union of Thracian tribes.

It was located at the bottom of a valley, apparently, when a dam broke, filling the region with water, creating a lake. The city sat, in its underwater grave for years, until Bulgarian archaeologists discovered that it was one of the best preserved Thracian sites in the country.

Now, they're undertaking a massive amount of work to unearth the city... a circular dam has been proposed, as shown in the artist's rendition, which will allow scientists and tourists to visit the site, a city at the bottom of a lake.

Certainly, it reminds us of that terrible underwater city in Star Wars Episode I, "The Phantom Menace", where the floppy eared aliens spoke in Patois, and were digitally constructed to look as fake as possible.

I'm hoping that George Lucas doesn't get a permit to film in Seuthopolis... he'd probably all a-tingle with the prospect of further destroying the dreams and fantasies that grew up on Star Wars.
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