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What's it like being a vego?

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It has almost been a year since I started on this journey of vegetables and tofu. Has it been tough, yeah it sure has. My life has changed since becoming an vego, I am no longer classified as normal, I am now questioned as to why I am vegetarian, funny thing is no one ever asked me why I 'wasn't' a vego before.

You see I grew up in a family where meat was expected to be had at every dinner sitting, from lamb chops to roast chicken to sausages and bacon, so for my parents it was hard for them to understand the change, I also think it was hard for them to realise I was serious about this.

I no longer live at home so I remember the first time my wife (also a vego) and I went to my parents house for dinner, they had prepared a Chinese Chicken and vegetable dish, I had already told them I was a vego, so they had notice, they put the Chinese Chicken and Vegetable dish in front of me, when I questioned the evidence of Chicken, I was informed by my parents, "You can just pick it out..." I laughed, but the really funny thing was...
They were serious...

Needless to say I left my parents with a pretty empty stomach that night.

Since then things have changed though, Mum and Dad still make jokes about it, but when we go there for dinner now they serve fish, so now you know I am not a vegan, I just don't do meat or chicken.

I am whats commonly known as a Pescatarian - the following example has been taken from wikipedia-

Pescetarianism (or Pesco-vegetarianism) is a semi-vegetarian dietary choice, in which a person known as a pesco-vegetarian only eats vegetables, fruit, and fish or other non-mammalian sea food, but will not eat mammals or birds. Some animal products like eggs and dairy may be part of a pescovegetarian diet.

Being a vego is a challenge at times cause sometimes I miss meat...