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Eye Health Guide: Natural Remedies for Puffy Eyes

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Home remedies are an incredibly effective solution for soothing irritated and swollen eyes.

There are several factors that contribute to the appearance of swollen, puffy and itchy skin around the eyes. Heredity, allergies, late nights, crying, water retention, diet and hormonal changes can attribute to the appearance of tired looking eyes, swollen eyelids and bags under the eyes.

There are a variety of simple and natural home remedies that can reduce the swelling, minimize the puffiness and soothe the overall eye area.

Tea Eye Soother

The caffeine and tannins in black tea reduce the puffiness around the eye area and effectively soothe irritated eyes. Run two bags of black tea under warm water and then soak for three minutes in a bowl.

Allow the tea bags to cool or place them in the refrigerator or freezer for a several minutes. Place the cool tea bags over the eyes and cover with a damp cloth for ten minutes.

Cucumber Eye Soother

Cucumbers possess astringent properties that cause the blood vessels to constrict. Take two slices of cucumber and soak them in cool water for three minutes.

Take the slices and place them over the eyes and cover with a damp cloth for ten minutes.

Potato Eye Soother

Keep a potato in the refrigerator just in case it is needed for its soothing properties. Take two slices of potato and place one over each eye. Cover the area with a cool damp cloth for twenty minutes.

Grated Cucumber and Potato Eye Soother

Cucumber and potato are two of the most effective remedies for reducing puffy skin around the eye area and eradicating unsightly bags under the eyes.

Take a slice of peeled cucumber and peeled potato and grate them into a bowl. Place the pulpy mixture onto a piece of paper towel to drain excess juice. Take the grated mixture and place it under each eye to reduce swelling and eliminate bags under the eye area.

Cold Compress Eye Soother

For a cold compress simply place a soft facecloth into a bowl of ice water and squeeze out excess water. Place the compress over the eyes for ten to fifteen minutes. Repeat as needed.

Milk Compress Eye Soother

The lactic acid in milk can quickly reduce the look of puffy or tired eyes. Take two cotton balls and soak them in milk for a minute. Place the cotton balls under the eye for three minutes to reduce swelling. Repeat as needed.

The milk eye soother can also be done as a cold compress. Simply place a soft facecloth into a bowl of chilled milk and rinse out excess milk. Place the compress over the eyes for ten to fifteen minutes.

The appearance of bags and swollen skin around the eye can occur for a variety of reasons. The natural eye soother solutions listed above will help to reduce the swelling around the eye area and improve the overall appearance of the eyes.
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