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France From The Inside: Five Places To Find Inspiration While In Paris

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Follow the famous writers, musicians and artists that have found inspiration in Paris. Discover why so many art lovers are fascinated by this city.

Paris is the city of love and inspiration. Many people fall in love or are inspired amongst the sites and sounds of Paris. Whether it be river cruises along the Seine, moonlit trips up the Eiffel Tower or strolling through the boutique shops and cafe bars along the Champs Elysees. Here are five places to be blown away by in Paris.

Shakespeare And Company bookshop

Wander down through the streets of the Latin Quarter in Paris and come across the famous Shakespeare And Company bookshop. Located on the city’s Left Bank, opposite Notre-Dame, this surprising little bookstore has it all. Opened by an American, George Whitman, in an area known for its affection for creativity and academician. Whitman started the bookshop with a large collection of his own English language books. Whitman has invited many famous writers to share his home and Hemingway even mentions it in his memoirs, others include Henry Miller and, the beat writers Alan Ginsberg and Gregory Corso. Many of the books have been signed by the author.

The Rue Cler

When in Paris don’t miss out on the chance to sample, as the locals do, French bread, cheese and pastry from The Rue Cler. Just as the Parisians do – sample all the delights – and enjoy this nice little pedestrian street market. Most Parisians attend mass at 11am at St. Pierre du Gros Caillou and then head to rue Cler for their baguettes, cheese, cuts of meat, bottles of wine and desserts. Start at the top of the street, near the Ecole Militaire Metro stop, on the corner of La Mote Piquet and rue Cler. Be sure to stop at the award winning Lenotre, the takeaway gourmet food and pastry shop.

Palace of Versailles

A great place to be inspired in Paris is at The Palace of Versailles. Take in the beautiful scenery in the Park of Versailles by roaming the same paths that King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette actually walked. Think about the history that was made here and be inspired! Don’t know much about the French aristocrats? Try reading The Hidden Diary of Marie Antoinette written by Carolly Erickson for some background information of these famous French King and Queens.

Canal St. Martin–Canauxrama

Remember the movie Amelie? Well visit the typical Parisian neighborhoods used in the film by boat. The Canal St. Martin–Canauxrama takes you on a romantic trip from the Paris Arsenal Marina to the Parc de la Villette. The historic boat trip, lined with hundred year old trees and refined bridges, takes two and a half hours. It also shows off the Parisian locks, with the swirling waters and two swing bridges. Plus, view the French ways of life from the comfort of the boat, watching the people strolling along the banks, lined with boutiques and cafes.

Pere-Lachaise Cemetery (Cimetiere du Pere-Lachaise)

Try finding inspiration from those famous writers of the past. This cemetery is filled with numerous French luminaries – authors, writers, musicians and more. Buried in Cimetiere du Pere-Lachaise are Jim Morrison, Oscar Wilde, Max Ernst and Frederic Chopin. Consider the cemetery is big with cobblestone walkways – so take some sensible shoes – and set aside at least half a day to get around it.

Many famous people have made Paris home. Actors like the world recognized, Brigitte Bardot, writers of the past like, Hemingway and Victor Hugo, and even the founder of the Braille alphabet, Louis Braille have all lived in Paris. Paris demands a certain respect from the people that choose to live in the city limits and will be inspiring many people, famous or not, for generations to come. It has everything in this marvellous city of love.
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