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Peru Travel: Ideas for Romantic Honeymoons

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For couples with a passion for history and archaeology and a love of beautiful surroundings, Peru could be the perfect honeymoon destination.

Located in South America, Peru boasts a powerful history and an extensive archaeological presence. Together with the local architecture, fine indigenous cuisine and beautiful scenery, Peru is certainly one of the top places in the world to visit.

A Romantic Getaway: Lima, the Capital of Peru

Peru’s capital city is packed with things to do – especially if history is something one or both halves of the couple finds interesting. Lima is a city steeped in museums and culture, and the colonial architecture mixed with classical Peruvian designs could be the perfect backdrop for a romantic stroll. A quiet afternoon can easily be spent wandering leisurely though the various museums and archaeological sites; one of the most popular is, naturally, the National Museum of Archaeology and History. Several art galleries, which host work by native Peruvians, are also open for visitors.

For those who are interested in more interactive pursuits, the city of Lima also has a variety of activities available – paragliding, hang-gliding, surfing and mountain biking are just some of the more unusual ways visitors can experience the city. For a more sedate version, guided tours can be taken, either walking or via bikes. A definite place to stop by is the Fountain Park of the Reserve, where the highest public fountain in the world – over 80 metres tall – as well as 12 other fountains and a special laser show at night can be found.

When hunger strikes, try traditional Peruvian dishes in one of Lima’s several fine cevichería, where the signature dish (‘ceviche’) of Peru – a delicious sweet-spicy seafood dish – is prepared to perfection. Pescados Capitales, La Mar and Sonia are all excellent restaurants to try for a relaxed and satisfying lunch.

Sightseeing Places in Peru

Peru is the home of many incredible sights. While traveling, a popular site for visitors is the world famous Lake Titicaca, the largest lake in South America. Pachacamac, an archaeological site, offers a view into what an Incan temple and Incan architecture looked like.

A hike on the Inca Trail offers a view of beautiful scenery as well as a taste of ancient civilization with ruins scattered throughout the walk. The end of the trail leads to “The Lost City of the Incas”, Machu Picchu, a magnificent panoramic ancient city that is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Luxury Honeymoon: Accommodation

A romantic honeymoon should always be spent in luxury, so why not splash out for the best? Several high quality hotels are available in Lima, such as the Casa Andina Private Collection – Miraflores, which has a modern, cultured setting that has an aura of wealth and privacy; the Miraflores Park Hotel, which has an incredible sea view; or the Radisson Hotel Decapolis Lima, a branch of the Radisson Hotels which certainly lives up to its reputation for a classy style and modern designs.

Peru is full of sightseeing opportunities, great food and memory-making moments; it could be the unexpectedly perfect place for a great romantic getaway, a luxurious and fun honeymoon, or even as just as one of the many great places to visit in South America.
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