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Health Blog: The Most Effective Anti-aging Skincare Routines

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The most effective way to reduce lines and wrinkles, a combination anti-aging skincare products and anti-aging lifestyle.

Thanks to advances in the skincare industry, anti-aging skincare products are better than ever. Still, it is important to understand that the main role of anti-wrinkle creams is to guard the skin and minimize the impacts of the biological clock. It is an ongoing process; therefore, relying solely on anti-aging skincare products to prevent or reduce wrinkles is not enough. Adopting a few simple lifestyle routines will provide for younger looking skin.

Begin With Sun Protection, Exposure to Sun Causes Wrinkles That NO Cream Can Erase

Under the sun, skin will dry just like sundried tomatoes. Sun exposure removes most of the water content, shriveling skin. Developing a habit of applying sunscreen as part of a beauty routine will prevent a good percentage of moisture from evaporating from the skin.

Adding sunscreen to a skincare routine is not time consuming, but if one more product seems too involved choose a moisturizer that contains sunscreen. The ideal SPF is 15 or higher. Look for ingredients like meroxyl or helioplex, which are very effective against harmful sunrays.

A tinted moisturizer with SPF is an excellent alternative. Providing healthy coverage and sun protection at a range of prices among them Laura Mercier, Stila, Perricone MD No-Foundation-Foundation, and Neutrogena. Tinted moisturizers are ideal in the summer months when foundations feel and look too heavy.

Another way to protect skin is by using makeup foundation that has sunscreen, there are many brands that have integrated some type of SPF in all price ranges among them Dior, Clinique, Cover Girl, and Maybelline. Look for the one that suits your skin and budget.

Sleep is Another Anti-aging Strategy to Younger Looking Skin

During sleep, the body produces precious hormones, and repairs damaged cells and tissues. This explains why a good night’s sleep is also referred to as beauty sleep. It is also the reason anti-aging formulas are recommended before bedtime. With a few adaptations, plain sleep can be the ultimate beauty sleep.

Swapping ordinary pillowcases for silk or satin is a good start. Silk and satin protect moisture in skin. In addition, the face slides on the pillow reducing furrows and sleep lines caused by cotton pillowcases. A silk/satin pillowcase packs an extra benefit: great on the hair.

To double up on the effects of silk/satin, use a sleeping eye mask. An eye mask makes it much easier to fall asleep, blocking out distractions caused by electronics or other light sources around a room. Deep sleep provides restful slumber, which results in waking up refreshed. An eye mask will also prevent puffy eyes.

To get the most out of a good night sleep, it is essential to develop a relaxing routine before bed. Work or mind exhausting activities should not be the last thing before bed. Unwind at least half an hour before bedtime. Do not exercise right before bedtime because exercise promotes energy. For restful sleep is best to go to bed pleasantly tired. Allow at least three hours after exercise before going to bed.

Also, stay away from alcohol and caffeine. Instead, opt for a relaxing cup of tea such as chamomile or Linden leaves (Tilo) tea. Although it is not a good idea to eat before bedtime going to bed hungry is just as bad, a fruit or a bowl of whole grain cereal with milk can be quite satisfying yet light enough to allow for sleep.

By actively pursuing an anti-aging lifestyle that includes protection and beauty sleep, the benefits of anti-aging creams will be ongoing. Add a healthy diet and some exercise and the benefits are doubled. Whatever the routine always keep in mind that the role of skincare products is maintenance, the role of anti-aging life style is prevention, and that combined result in fresh, well cared for, younger looking skin.
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