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Fish Keeping 101: What You Need to Know About Pregnant GloFish

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The glofish are considered the version of the zebra danio. What is unique about these fishes is that they display spectacular colors which make their ecology even more colorful. If you are a glofish hobbyist or fancier, then the pregnancy of these glofish is exactly what you are after all the time. Did you know that apart from intensifying your passion about them, they can also boost your profit? This is because they are in demand in the market today because of their unique characteristics.

Another good benefit of taking care of a glofish and a pregnant glofish is that they require low maintenance as compared to other breeds. The breeding process is also a very easy one because glofish just readily spawn even without the knowledge of their breeder. But, you must always address all their needs for the spawning to be a success.

Pregnant Glofish

But how will you be able to know if your glofish is pregnant? You must be very wise in knowing the truth because sometimes, thinking that a glofish is pregnant would be just a misconception.

There are different factors which contribute to this kind of misconception. Two of these are dimorphism and pregnant appearance. Usually, glofish are sexually dimorphic during their adulthood stage. This implies that you can tell the gender of your fishes by observing their physique. Female glofish have rounded bodies while males are slimmer.

From the time that the female glofish reached sexual maturity, they carry in their bellies unfertilized eggs which the male species are ready to fertilize. Usually, they do not carry live young during their gestation period just like mammals do.

What to Do with a Pregnant GloFish?

After knowing that your glofish is pregnant, you must take good care of them. You can use the so-called spawning mops so that their eggs will stick to them and will not be eaten by other fishes in the pond. So, always have a constant watch on your spawning mops if you want to have a multitude of glofish breeds that will soon give you more green bills.

It is also important that you locate the glofish in another pond. Even a small pond will do. By doing this, you will be able to take good care of them and to address their basic needs more. Since they are pregnant, they are more fragile than the other fish breeds you have so they must be given more attention.

But this does not necessarily mean that you will just neglect the other female fish breeds since they are not pregnant. In fact, this segregation can also be a benefit to the other fish breeds because you will know the level of care they need.

Now that you already know how to take good care of a pregnant glofish, it is very important to apply this information because it will be the key for you to succeed in the breeding process especially if you are just an amateur breeder.
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