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Home and Garden: A Christmas Tree in Every Room

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Why just settle with one Christmas tree? With a little creativity and some imagination, you can have a tree in every room. Weíll go room to room, creating special trees for each one.

In the kitchen

A Christmas tree in the kitchen? Yup! Why not? Even if you have a small kitchen, you can add a festive tree.

One way is to purchase a small potted living fir tree. Their readily available this time of year. You can even find them in your grocery store. Decorate with a few pieces of tinsel. Or, leave it as is. Itís own beauty can always speak for itís self.

If you have a country kitchen, hereís a wonderful idea. Get a foam cone, some glue, some holiday ribbon and tiny fir cones. Just glue the cones to the foam cone, covering it completely. Tuck in some ribbon, here and there, and pouf you have a country Christmas tree.

If your kitchen leans more on the modern side, try this tree idea. Take a large candle dish. The kind with a nail to push the candle on. Get a wooden dowel, and cut it to the height you want. Make a small hole in one end. Use a drill or a hammer and small nail. Place the dowel on the nail to affix it. Now take gold or silver glass ornaments, in three sizes. Slide the ornaments on the dowel starting with the largest ones. Use the wire circle on the ornaments for this. Keep adding ornaments until you have achieved a circle. Add two more layers. Then add the medium sized ornaments. Three layers high. Lastly, add two layers of the smallest ornaments. And there you have it, a very sheik Christmas tree.

In the Bedroom

What could be more inviting, than waking up to the sight of a Christmas tree? The size is up to the dimensions of the room. You can "plant" it on the bedside table, or on the floor, in the corner.

There are some, very realistic, small fake trees these days. They come in sizes from 1 to 4 feet tall. All can be decorated in the roomís color scheme. There are also small strings of lights to fit the small trees.

If your decor is country, try a stick tree.

Yes, I said a stick tree. All you need is 1 long straight tree branch. Approximately 2 feet long. Next you will need 1, 1 Ĺ foot twig, 1, 1 foot twig, and 1 Ĺ foot twig. Get a basket and put a piece of floral foam in the bottom. Cover the foam with raffia, dried grass, or pine cones. Push the 2 foot branch into the middle of the foam. With pieces of jute, tie the twig "branches" on, largest on the bottom. Once the twigs are secured you can decorate your tree. Pine cones with jute hangers look very nice. You can also make brown paper ornaments. Plane or sprinkled with glitter. Or, Hang the pictures of your loved ones. Donít forget the pets.

If you have a southwestern theme, here is one I really like.

Get a Large Cactus. One that has several "arms". String some red pepper lights on it. Add a terra-cotta star for the top. This is festive and quite the conversation piece.

If a little modern is your thing, here is something to try.

Grab that potted indoor tree, and put it in the corner. Add some twinkle lights, a bow or two, and there you have it. A classy looking tree.

In the Bathroom

Yes, a tree for the bathroom. Why not. You spend a lot of time there. So, add some extra Christmas cheer.

Here is a quick and fragrant little tree. You will need a foam cone, some spray on glue, and Christmas potpourri. Spray the cone, all over, with the glue. Now roll it in the potpourri. You might need to add a second coat. If so, let the first coat sit for ten minutes before you add the second. Add a few dried red roses, glued, here and there and a bow on top. A pretty looking and smelling bathroom addition.

I hope Iíve got those creative juices flowing. If you have any tree ideas I missed, please let us know.