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Ideas for Cheap or Homemade Halloween Decorations

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Need cheap Halloween decor? Decorating for Halloween doesn't have to cost a fortune. Here are some ideas for decorations that don't cost a lot.

If wishing to decorate for Halloween, there are different options that can be explored. Should you want to purchase decorations without spending much money, check out any local ninety nine cents or dollar type stores. Items found at these stores include Halloween garlands, yard decorations and spider webbing, (not to mention inexpensive candy to give out to trick or treaters.)

Cheap Halloween Decorating

If you donít have a dollar type store in your area, check out the Dollar Tree online. This company has a wide variety of decorations including hanging decorations and an assortment of glow sticks. Yard and garage sales are another way to find cheap decorations not only for Halloween, but for holidays year round. Additionally, check out the local thrift stores like Goodwill.

Easy Homemade Halloween Decorations

Making your own decorations can not only save you money, but give the satisfaction of knowing you created the decorations yourself. This can also make for a fun family project with the kids. One of the cheapest and easiest decorations to make is a garland out of black and orange construction paper.

Cut the paper into 12-inch strips, 1-inch wide. Glue the first strip into a circle, then attach alternating colors in circles to create a garland. The same effect can be created using white printer paper. Cut the paper into strips one inch wide, then decorate each strip before creating a garland.

Crayons, markers, stickers or glitter can be used. Just look for anything around the house that can be used to help create this decoration. Garlands can be placed on stairways, attached to ceilings, or, if weather permitting, draped on bushes in the front yard. They can also work great for decorating a childís bedroom for Halloween.

Ghost Decorations for Halloween

Have an old white shirt or white sheet hanging around? Turn it into ghosts for Halloween. Cut out pieces the size of handkerchiefs. In the middle add some type of stuffing. This could be in the form of cotton, toilet paper or anything to make the head area of the ghost.

Gather up the rest of the material and tie a piece of yarn around it. For the face, use a Sharpie pen to make the features. Googly eyes can also be used. When finished, poke through a Christmas ornament holder. (This may be easier if using a needle to poke through first.) Now the ornament is ready to be hung up.

Halloween Freebies

Another way to decorate inexpensively is with pumpkins. Fortunately, there are numerous web sites that offer free stencils and carving patterns. One of these is Disney Family. Here you can find some of your most beloved Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh and Tinker Bell which have patterns that can be printed out for free.

Not everyone has the means to buy expensive Halloween decorations. Fortunately, there are many ways to get cheap decorations or ways to make homemade Halloween decorations that donít cost a lot of money.