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Household Tips: Facts on Floor Cleaning

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If your floor is clean, your whole house will feel cleaner. For one thing, you are forced to straighten up and remove things off the floor so you can mop or vacuum. This act of straightening results in a cleaner house as well as a cleaner floor. The first tip to remember is if you are short on time and just need a quick cleanup, vacuum your floor. You'll be amazed at the difference this can make.

Here are some tips for cleaning the floors throughout your house:

- To remove stains left by a throw rug on resilient flooring, wipe with a strong solution of chlorine bleach and water. You should always test this in an inconspicuous spot first! If the stains are stubborn, rub lightly with very fine steel wool and then wax to restore your shine.

- Get rid of light scratches in resilient flooring by rubbing with a soft cloth moistened with a small amount of paste floor wax.

- If a rocking chair is wearing the finish off your wood floor, put a strip of adhesive tape along the runners of the rocker to cushion it.

- If you find chewing gum stuck to your floor, hold an ice cube on the gum until it hardens and then gently pull it up with a dull butter knife.

- To prevent floors in doorways from getting worn spots, apply a light coat of paste wax with a soft cloth once a month. Allow the wax to dry for 15 minutes and then polish. Repeat an hour or so later. This works at the bottom of stairways too.

- If your no-wax vinyl floor looks dull, mix a cup of white vinegar in with your mop water to restore the sparkle.

- For a speedy shine between waxings, dust mop your floor then put a piece of waxed paper under the mop and buff your floor lightly.

- Cotton and synthetic braided rugs are usually machine-washable in cold water and a gentle cycle. Always test your fabric first! Put them in a pillowcase and close it with a safety pin before washing.

- To make an area rug dry quickly and evenly, set it on top of some bricks to allow air circulation underneath.