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Fish Keeping 101: The Black Koi Fish

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Black koi fish are koi fish that have the black koi pattern. Many people prefer the black koi over other koi fish. In general, koi fish, which come from the carp family, are known to live up to 35 years, although there are records that carp can live for over 200 hundred years! Many koi ponds across the globe have black koi fish simply because koi are beautiful fish that live a long time.

Koi fish were originally bred from carp in Japan. Koi come in many colors, not just black. Black koi fish specifically were bred from carp fish that had one or two colors. Thanks to the dedication and patience of Japanese koi breeders, koi breeders from around the world, as well as koi enthusiasts, are able to enjoy a wonderful colorful array of koi fish today.

The male and female koi fish have features that distinguish them from each other. For instance, the male koi fish have concave anal areas and they are characterized by a breeding spot on their heads. After spawning, the female koi is capable of laying as many as a thousand eggs. The fry (baby koi) hatch anywhere from four to seven days, depending on the temperature of the pond. Koi spawning and fry hatching may happen very quickly, but it usually takes 3 to 12 weeks for the fry to show their distinct colors.

Like any other koi fish, black koi have to be kept in ponds that are large enough since koi fish tend to grow up to three feet long. The Magoi koi, which is a popular black koi, is known to grow large very quickly. The Magoi koi may appear bronze if it’s viewed from all directions other than from the top. Many koi breeders are using this particular black koi for breeding with other koi in order to create large koi in different color patterns. Another black koi is the Karasu koi, also known as the crow koi. The body of this koi koi is black and its fins are also black. The Karasu koi’s belly may also be white or orange in color.

Did you know that almost all koi change their colors and this is in response to the environment, particularly their diet? The healthy koi fish typically have vibrant colors. One particular koi, the Matsukawabake koi, is popular for its changing colors. Although it is regarded as a black koi, the Matsukawabake koi can change its color pattern when the water temperatures and foods change. This particular koi can appear completely black on day and completely white the next. This black koi usually goes back to its original colors when its environment and diet go back to normal or original state.

Among the different varieties of black koi, the Kumonryu koi, or dragonfish koi, appear to be the favorite black koi of many koi enthusiasts. This black koi is tagged “dragonfish” because it resembles an ancient dragon in the paintings. This black koi tends to undrgo color changes when the seasons change.

Koi ponds from all over the world will have koi fish in a wide variety of color patterns. Koi fish are a wonderful addition to any pond. With their changing colors, they can provide unlimited hours of entertainment for everyone. Why, even the black koi fish alone are diverse enough in their color changes!
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