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Fish Keeping 101: Do You Like Blue Koi?

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There are several varieties koi with different colors with various combinations. You can see black, white, red, yellow, metallic, silver, gold, platinum, orange, brown, and blue koi. The most common variety is the kohaku, a white skinned koi with large red markings. Still, other people choose their koi based on their favorite colors. If you are partial to the color blue, then you may be interested in the blue koi varieties. Check out the following and see which you may want to add to you pond:

Asagi – has a combination of light blue on top and a little red below. In Japanese, Asagi means “light blue.” Asagi koi are fully scaled, non-metallic fish. They are not as flashy as the other tri-colored varieties but their quiet elegance appeals to a number of koi enthusiasts.

Ochiba Shigure – blue-gray koi that has brown markings and a fishnet scale pattern. The literal translation of the Japanese term Ochiba Shigure is “autumn leaves on the water.” This blue koi variety has grown in popularity in recent years.

Soragoi – has solid blue-gray color with a net-like pattern. This blue koi will make an interesting addition to your pond if all the other koi are of the colorful varieties. If you cross a soragoi with a chagoi, you will get the ochiba shigure.

Goshiki – is a white koi with the same blue matsuba pattern of the asagi but overlaid with red markings not unlike the kohaku.
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