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Fish Keeping 101: What Do Goldfish Eat?

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What do goldfish eat? This question is simple to address because the fish can be provided with feeds coming from animal and plant sources. It is the feed quality that has to be factored in so as to establish what food is ideal for a goldfish.

An Omnivore's Diet

Don't labor too much on the question, what do goldfish eat? The truth of the matter is that it is easy to source feeds for this aquarium pet. A healthy diet for this fish can be supplied either from pet shop purchases or procured without buying anything. This is so because a goldfish thrives on the diet of an omnivore, meaning that its food items may be composed of those coming from both plant and animal sources.

The regular fare served to a goldfish can include vegetables, such as lettuce, duckweed and broccoli, as well as peeled peas. Its protein requirements can likewise be supplied by treats of bloodworms, shrimps and meat-based feed flakes which are also favored by carnivorous fishes. The only caveat here of course is that this fish, owing to its small size, will only require small amounts of these feed items.

Go For a Balanced Diet

To be sure, it is essential that there is a variety and balance in the food for a goldfish. Include such items as brine shrimps and spirulina flakes rich in proteins that the fish can metabolize or digest easily. The protein source should also include green peas, garlic, and spinach. For commercially available feeds, look for those that contain vegetable protein extracts. These proteins are particularly important because they provide generous levels of methionine, the essential amino acid which enhances the lionhead trademark of a goldfish.

Feeding frequency for a goldfish is ideally at least twice a day. If more frequent, reduce the amount of feeds per feeding. Be cautious about overfeeding the fish because most goldfish, especially the fancy variety, are inbred. As a result of inbreeding, the digestive tracts of these creatures become poorly developed. Feed them too much and it is likely that they will develop intestinal gas.

Help Fish Feed Digestion

Add another precautionary measure against a goldfish bloated with gas. Do this by soaking its feeds in water for at least five minutes so that the food items won't float when supplied to the fish. This will prevent the pet from engulfing air which could happen if it goes for floating feeds.

The digestive system of a gold fish can also be enhanced with appropriate rations of frozen bloodworms. Ensure, however, that these feeds are of good quality and were not refrozen and that there is no beta carotene added as a coloring agent in them. The beta carotene will enhance the red color in a gold fish and even redden its white areas. This is not a health issue, nonetheless, but a matter of aesthetics.

Earthworms too can serve as a right answer to the question what do goldfish eat? Served them in chopped-up pieces, but be cautious. Provide earthworms as an animal protein source for the fish, but be sure that such feeds were organically produced. This is to prevent the pet from ingesting harmful chemical toxins that may be present in earthworms raised through non-organic methods.

Closing Thoughts

So you ask: "What do goldfish eat?". To simplify the issue, a goldfish diet is very flexible in terms of meat or plant preferences just as long as the dietary requirements are still met. It is the feed quality that has to be factored in so as to establish what food is ideal for a goldfish.
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