Robert Kiyosaki’s Cashflow Board Game


Robert Kiyosaki’s board game Cashflow is a great way to teach people about managing funds and investing for a residual income.

Many people want a passive income, but they don’t know where to start, how to start, or if they can even afford it on their minimal wage. Author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert Kiyosaki shows in his investment focused game how it is possible to get out of the ‘rat race’ on a minimal wage. In some cases, it can be easier to do than the six figure income earner.

The Gist of the Game

This game, although played on the board, is very much depicted by each person’s budgeting sheet which contains information on their profession, wage, expenses, liabilities, and investments. There is also a section for the number of kids each player has and how much they will cost, passive or residual income, and the total of one’s wage minus their expenses/liabilities.

The general idea is to invest in things that will generate a passive income that will eventually accumulate funds each month without costing the purchaser. These may include:

  • Stocks
  • Real Estate
  • Businesses

At this stage, players are confined to one part of the board known as the ‘rat race’ where you work, earn money, and work again, trying to find opportunities to invest some money. As the game progresses, there are opportunities to invest depending on one’s financial status and once the player is earning a residual amount each month that is larger than their expenses, they are able to leave the ‘rat race’ and enter the big world of investing.

As well as earning a large passive income, reducing debts can be a good way to be earning more than one’s expenses. Those on a higher income, for examples doctors or lawyers, may find this more difficult due to debts from loans taken out for study. In this way, lower income earners may have an advantage.

Once out on the larger part of the board, it is possible to invest in business opportunities (that will cost at least $5,000, but more likely in the hundreds of thousands) to increase one’s residual income. The game is won when the first player increases their monthly residual income by a previously set amount or they purchase their ‘dream’. Their dream is signified by a piece of cheese that the player puts on a particular square at the start of the game. Their goal is to land on and purchase this particular business or investment item before any other player manages to do so with regard to their preferred ‘dream’.

Skills Required for Cashflow

The Cashflow game requires a lot of mathematics, with players needing to be fairly familiar with multiplication, subtraction, addition, and division. For those interested in the idea of investment and curious about how much risk and funds is involved in being able to generate a decent residual income, this board game is well worth playing.

The game in itself will require an investment, selling on eBay for between $70 – $150. Brand new it will cost around $400, while an extremely lucky person may be able to locate it quite cheaply in an op shop or other second hand store that provides board games.

If not, seeking out friends that are interested in investing their finances may result in finding one that also has this game and is willing to play it with you. Kiyosaki believes of the game that if it is possible for an individual player to continually get out of the ‘rat race’ within half an hour, they’ve mastered the principals required to try investing in real life.