Gardening and Plants

  1. Bulbs and Plants of the World: Growing Lilium

    Propagation of Liliums is quite easy as long as you understand the simple principles of growing seed. ...
    Tags: lilium
    Gardening and Plants
  2. Herbalism: Cinnamon's the Cure!

    Cinnamon Cinnamomum Verum

    Parts Used: Inner Bark

    Historical Reference ...
    Tags: cinnamon, herbs
    Gardening and Plants
  3. Herbalism: Pipsissewa

    Pipsissewa Chimaphila umbellata

    Folklore/Common Names: Noble Pine, Winter Green, Pine ...
  4. Herbalism: The Little Known Powers of Parsley

    Parsley Carum petroselinum

    Folklore/Common Names: Petersylinge, Persely, Persele, Devilís ...
    Tags: herbs, parsley
    Gardening and Plants
  5. Herbalism: Hen and Chickens

    Hens and Chickens Sempervivum tectorum

    Folklore/Common Names: Houseleek, Jupiter's Eye, ...
  6. Herbalism: Kudos for Kudzu?

    While Kudzu is certainly not the most popular plant in the Southern US, it has a lengthy history of ...
    Tags: herbs, kudzu
    Gardening and Plants
  7. Herbalism: Frostwort

    Frostwort Helianthemum Canadense

    Folklore/Common Name:Rock Rose, Sun Rose, Frostweed, ...
  8. Herbalism: Dill-icious! And Good For You...

    Dill Peucedanum graveolens

    Common/Folklore Names Dill, Dilly, Dill Weed, Garden Dill ...
    Tags: dill, herbs
    Gardening and Plants
  9. Herbalism: Genuine Germander

    Germander Teucrium Chamaedrys

    Folklore/Common Names: Germander, Wall Germander, Common ...
  10. Herbalism: Happy Holly-days

    "The Holly and the Ivy
    When they are both full grown
    Of all the trees that are
    Tags: herbs, holly
    Gardening and Plants
  11. Herbalism: Jumpin' for Juniper

    Here in the Northern Hemisphere, as the leaves finish their fall and the landscape shows the beginnings ...
    Tags: herbs, juniper
    Gardening and Plants
  12. Herbalism: Sweet on Sweet Woodruff

    Ever since I planted this little beauty in my backyard, shaded garden, it's been a personal favorite. ...
  13. Herbalism: Healing With Horseradish

    Horseradish Cochlearia Armoracia

    Common/Folklore Names: Great Raifort, Mountain Radish, ...
  14. Wildflowers of North America: Chuparosa and Ocotillo

    March is the month for desert wildflowers ... if there has been sufficient winter moisture. It's a big ...
  15. Wildflowers of North America: Texas Bluebonnets - Every Last One of Them

    While we were living in Colorado, my wife and I thought we might be able to make it down to Texas for ...
  16. Wildflowers of North America: Not Quite a Penstemon

    This is interesting...

    I was recently paging through a book about penstemons, admiring ...
  17. Wildflowers of North America: Lewis and Clark at the End of the Road

    Lewis and Clark arrived "in full view of the ocien" near what we now know as Fort Columbia ...
  18. Wildflowers of North America: Lewis and Clark in the Pacific Northwest

    Lewis and Clark made it to the Columbia Plains in October 1805, where they collected 23 specimens of ...
  19. Wildflowers of North America: Lewis and Clark - Up and Over the Rocky Mountains

    Lewis and Clark made it to the Rocky Mountains on July 17, 1805; they came out the other side on October ...
  20. Wildflowers of North America: Lewis and Clark - A Couple of High Plains Drifters

    Lewis and Clark and their fellow explorers rode out the winter of 1804/05 in the High Plains, at Fort ...
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