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  1. Shakespeare's Plays: Two Gentlemen of Verona

    Setting: Verona, Milan, and the frontier of Mantua

    Main Characters:
    Duke of ...
  2. Shakespeare Tragedies: King Lear, Act I - Love and Consequence

    Lear: So young, and so untender?
    Cordelia: So young, my lord, and true. (1.1.106-7)
  3. The Enduring Modern Phenomenon of The Fairy Tale

    The common childhood experience of standardized fairy tales introduced a whole generation to an alternative ...
  4. Shakespeare Tragedies: No Rest for the Wicked

    One of my favorite passages of Shakespeare is from the comedy "Twelfth Night."
  5. Shakespeare Tragedies: Trust in Thy Love

    Have you ever found yourself standing in disbelief, telling yourself, “it can’t be so”? Have you ever ...
  6. Shakespeare Tragedies: Pondering Death in William Shakespeare's "Hamlet"

    Take up the body. Such a sight as this
    Becomes the field, but here shows much amiss.