Artwork at Home

How to Hang Artwork at Home

Hanging artwork at home often falls into two categories, something the homeowner spends way too much time thinking about or something they don’t spend any time considering. Unfortunately, not a lot of thought goes into where to hang artwork in most situations and sometimes a homeowner will just hang it on existing nails.

The problem with improperly hanging artwork is that it can throw off the balance of the entire room and make what was a well thought out and organized room into one of discordance that feels awkward.

The good news is that hanging a picture, painting or other form of artwork in your home is actually fairly simple and follows a couple of rules. The first rule is that you want the artwork to hang so that its center or focal point is at eye level. So what is eye level? This gets a bit tricky because even within the same family there can be a lot of variation in eye levels. So we’ll resort to the standard used by museums of 60 inches from the floor to the center of the artwork.

Another key point to remember is that clusters of pictures, paintings, or photos should be considered one grouping of artwork. If you’re going to hang a number of photos then establish the way you want to position them and find the center of that entire group of photos. This is the center of your artwork in this situation.

When selecting a place to hang your artwork, stand back and look at the whole room and the proportions of the room. A very large painting (sometimes referred to as a sofa painting) is designed to be hung over a couch or a sofa because the large size of both works well together. Similarly, hanging that same huge painting over a small end table will give an impression of instability, as though the painting will topple the end table. Now, while this will never happen, it’s this illusion that can make people in the home feel ill at ease.

A test run is a good idea if you’re a little worried about making a hole in the wall or if you just want to see how your artwork will look. If you’re working with a group of pictures, position them on the floor first to see how you like it and measure the distance between the pictures, then take those measurements and tape them out on the wall using blue painter’s tape so you don’t peel off any of the wall surface.

With these tips for hanging a painting at home in mind you should be able to hang your masterpiece like a pro.