storage baskets

Cheap DIY Decorating Tips

Redecorating a room can be a very expensive undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re a little handy and have some remedial sewing skills you can quickly and easily undertake these cheap DIY projects and add some personal flair to your rooms. The best part about DIY projects, other than the price, is that they can be customized to fit your needs and taste.

Storage Baskets, Containers and Bins

Even the ugliest container can be dressed up with a coat of paint and a fabric liner. Make the liner a little longer, so it extends over the outside edge by a couple inches. Use elastic to attach the fabric around the container. If you have some sewing skills you can sew the elastic into a hem, if you’re not very well versed with a needle and thread, try fabric glue instead.

Lampshade Revamp

Too many people stick with the lampshade that came with the lamp, no matter how old and stained it gets. There’s no reason for this as lampshades are really inexpensive and can be decorated almost any way you can imagine. There are even lampshades with adhesive surfaces so you can recover them with fabric, dried flowers, photocopies of pictures, and anything else that strikes your fancy. My favorite lampshade redo is to treat it like a scrapbook page. First, pick the images you want to use, they can be personal photos or stock photography. Then, visit your local scrapbook store and pick some accessories that match.

*Tip: If you’re using a rounded lampshade, use color copies rather than actual photos because they wrap better.

Multiple Mirrors

Rather than using the standard painting or photo for artwork, try using mirrors instead. Choose several small mirrors, they can be the same shape or different shapes. Then decorate the mirrors to extend their borders and create more visual interest. Seeds, small shells, stones and other natural elements are a perfect fit for today’s nature inspired decorating themes.

Homemade Hardware

Changing the hardware on your cupboards, dressers and even doors can really change the look. Purchase very simple (and cheap) hardware and glue elements onto it to make it personalized and interesting. Make sure you use really strong glue as these pieces will get handled a lot. You can go with something simple such as silverware or you can be a bit more creative and decoupage images onto tiles and glue them to the hardware.

*Tip: Painting the furniture gives it even more visual appeal and really breathes new life into an old piece.

Cork It

Cork can be purchased in a variety of thicknesses and sizes and is a very versatile decorating element. Update a tabletop with cork and then box it in with molding. If you don’t have a miter box to cut the molding, make careful measurements and ask your local hardware store if they’ll make the cuts for you. Some stores will do it at no charge and others may require a nominal fee.

*Tip: If you use thicker cork you can pin pictures, notes, inspirational phrases and other items to it. This is a wonderful way to turn old cabinet faces into functional works of art.

These cheap, DIY interior decorating tips add a lot of fun and excitement to a home and most of them are so simple that you can involve your entire family in the decorating process. Personalize your home in ways that are uniquely yours and you’re guaranteed to love the results.