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  1. Asian History: The Younghusband Mission to Tibet

    Tibet at the end of the nineteenth century was one of the last great unexplored regions of the world. ...
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  2. Gardening in Ireland: Busy again

    After a long spell of inactivity things are starting to move again in the garden. Snowdrops are already ...
  3. Living With Dogs: Teaching Children Respect For Animals

    While attending my grandson's birthday I stepped outside for a few minutes and while standing on the ...
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    Pets and Animals
  4. Home and Garden: Redecorate or Remodel? That is the Question!

    Itís a question we all ask, at one time or another. Your house is getting smaller. Or it sure feels ...
  5. Biblical Studies: Ten Commandments - The First Commandment

    The Mosaic Law is a set of ritual and communal rules and guidelines. It was the official constitution ...
    Tags: bible
  6. Aquarium Talk: Bala Sharks

    I've decided to do an article on Bala Sharks. I hope that the information I provide will help answer ...
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    Pets and Animals
  7. Daffodils: The Earliest Daffodils

    I donít know about you, but I get a little tired of old man winter about this time of year, and eagerly ...
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    Gardening and Plants
  8. Ireland's Mythical History: The Celts - The Culture History Forgot

    Anyone familiar with the Bible, particularly the New Testament, has heard of the book of Galatians. ...
    Tags: celts
  9. Stories Behind the Throne: The Childhood of William the Conqueror

    King William I of England - better known as William the Conqueror - was born in 1027 or 1028. His father, ...
  10. Dried Flower Crafts: Valentine's Day is Coming!

    Yes, it's almost that time again. The big "V" day is fast approaching.

    This ...
  11. Cooking with Grandma: Let's Have Some Ribs

    When most of us think of ribs, the first thing that comes to mind is, usually, pork ribs--either as ...
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    Cooking Tips and Recipes
  12. Slices Of Northern Life: Things That Speak in the Night

    We've known since the first time we set foot in this house that we weren't alone in it. Right away, ...
    Tags: alaska
    Travel and Culture
  13. Oil Painting: The Origins of Oil Painting

    Oil painting is in actuality a fairly new art medium. As a painting medium, the use of oil in combination ...
  14. Italian Family Cooking: Classic Italian Ragu or Tomato Sauce

    A recipe for the delicious Italian classic, a must have for anyone, from the professional to someone ...
  15. Woodworking: The Dihedral Angle

    This is the angle that is formed whenever two "planes" meet. To most people who deal with ...
  16. Herb Gardening: Tea Herbs

    Many herbs can be used in teas. Herbal teas can be consumed for medicinal value, or just for good taste. ...
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    Cooking Tips and Recipes
  17. Habits: Reflection on Spiritual Habits

    This is a time of the year when many of us reflect on spiritual matters. It is the holiday season for ...
  18. Household Tips: Too Good To Toss

    If you are anything like me, throwing anything in the trash is a struggle. My husband calls me a human ...
  19. History Blog: Cherokee Nation - Cherokee Brigadier General Stand Watie

    Stand Watie was born in Georgia in the year 1806 or 1807. He had a brother named Buck, who took on the ...
    Biographies , History
  20. History Blog: Cherokee Nation - Belle Starr - Bandit Queen?

    Belle Starr has been portrayed by legend and film as a gun-toting, horse-thieving outlaw. But the facts ...
    Biographies , History